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UCLA Daily Bruin Newspaper

Jesse Jackson speaks out against Prop 209

Students kickoff death of education campaign

[Angela] Davis speaks out against Prop 209

Affirmative Action Coalition, USAC join to organize march
October 23, 1996

Students march against Prop 209
October 24, 1996

Food fighters make their advances
October 29, 1996

California eliminates affirmative action
November 6, 1996

USAC, GSA want voice in decision
November 14, 1996

GTE reaches out to undergrad government
December 2, 1996

Justice faces conflict of interest
January 8, 1997

USAC, Judicial board still on shakey ground
January 9, 1997

Speaking from experience
January 23, 1997

Los Gatos Weekly Times

Planning Commission turns down church expansion plan
July 3, 1996

Editorial: High School Drug Busts
January 7, 1998

Saratoga News

El Sereno 4-H
August 7, 1996

Claravale Dairy: houses or homes for contented cows?
August 14, 1996

Environmental Education
August 28, 1996

Crime Doesn't Pay
December 11, 1996

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